What to see in Fasano

For our tourists and travelers, we have compiled the top ten of the historical and characteristic places to visit absolutely in Fasano. Things to see in Fasano and surroundings are many more, but these places represent for us an added value for the territory, some are part of the traditional tourist circuits, others fall into alternative and incredible routes.


Archaeological Park of Egnazia
The Archaeological Park is composed of the remains of the ancient Gnathia, in the locality of Egnazia in Fasano, close to the sea. In the archaeological Park of Egnazia you can visit the western necropolis, located immediately outside the city walls of the Hellenistic and Roman age; the city with public monuments, houses and craft plants; the area of ​​the acropolis, which preserves, layered over the centuries, the testimonies of the entire history of Egnazia, from the village of the Bronze Age to the medieval village of the XIII century AD. The Museum stands outside the walls. The new exhibition, inaugurated on July 25, 2013, consists of thirteen rooms, begins with the history of archaeological research and valorization activities at Egnazia and traces the thirty centuries of history of the important settlement of the Bronze Age and Messapic.


Museum of the Casa alla Fasanese
It is a house-museum in the heart of Fasano, in Piazza Mercato Vecchio, behind the Town Hall. It is the typical Fasano house, where the typical setting of a house of the end of the nineteenth century with furnishings and objects of the Fasano of the past is revived.

The house then becomes a tool to learn about the city’s past and re-evaluate traditions.


Mother Church
The church of San Giovanni Battista rises above an “ancient temple”, demolished around 1330 to give space to a larger sacred structure worthy of the city and was dedicated to St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the city. It was opened to worship during the seventeenth century, after long construction work while the remakes and decorations were taken care of even later.


Old Town
The old town of Fasano is a labyrinth of white streets, between typical Fasano houses and craft shops, where you can get lost in the authentic charm of Fasano, among the perfumes of dishes prepared by grandmothers that pour into the air. Photographing characteristic views and particular balconies will be your hobby here.


Overview Selva di Fasano
The “giritorie” are the panoramic road that connects Fasano to the hills of Selva di Fasano, with pitches designed just to enjoy the breathtaking view and the expanses of olive trees that slope towards the sea, the healthy air, and the dominant position on Fasano, Savelletri and Torre Canne, easily recognizable from above.


The Minaret
We call it “Minareto” because of its shape, but it is a prestigious villa that belonged to the eccentric Bari artist Damaso Bianchi, built in 1912. After a trip to Tunisia, he decided to build his private residence on the hills of Selva di Fasano.


Torre Canne Lighthouse
A 35-meter-high octagonal tower built in 1927, the Torre Canne lighthouse was once inhabited by the farists who were responsible for recharging the lantern every 2-3 hours a night to signal the mainland to sailors. Today, it is an important tourist attraction, it is possible to climb to the top to get lost in the sparkling air and the view of the sea, as well as visit the museum set up inside.


Ancient Lama
The Lama D’Antico Parck is one of the most suggestive rock settlements in Puglia: a village of the X-XVI century AD with the imposing church and houses carved into the rock. In the Park area there are also the enchanting rocky churches of San Lorenzo and San Giovanni with splendid and vivid pictorial decorations on the caves.


Port of Savelletri
Savelletri is known mainly for the prestigious Masserie and its fishing port with about 300 berths. With its spectacular cliff is characterized by the presence of ancient buildings near the sea, called “White Houses”. A walk here is a must to meet fishermen and know delicious recipes and stories of the sea.

On the second Sunday of August, you can take part in the traditional procession in the sea of ​​San Francesco Da Paola, patron of Savelletri, and the Sagra del Pesce Spada.


Zoo Safari and Fasanolandia
The Zoo-Safari in Fasano is the first zoo park in Italy and one of the largest in Europe by number of specimens. In fact, it welcomes about 3000 specimens of 200 different species, in an area with Mediterranean scrub covering about 140 hectares. In addition to walking, the safari circuit is interesting with its vehicle to discover lions, tigers, Asian and African elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes and many other animals in relative freedom. At the Zoo Safari, the animals reproduce regularly, a sign of their adaptation in the Zoo. Fasanolandia is the funfair of the Zoo, with extreme attractions for families and children. Here, events and shows are often organized, in particular we remember Halloween and the Christmas Markets.